Seperate & Compact SWH
Sun heated water

Westech Solar is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of renewable energy and energy saving products. Green Dynamics is the Sole Distributor of Westech Solar in Lebanon & Syria. Our innovative, intelligent and sustainable technology solutions meet exceptional standards. We have a full product range of SWH’s to meet each client’s tailored needs.

Separate Pressurized Solar Water Heaters

This system’s solar panels are installed on roof tops; there are 2 types of panels, Evacuated Tube Collectors & Flat Plate Collectors; however the water tank is installed inside the household. The solar panels collect energy from the sun which heat up the fluid in the panels, when the fluid is hot enough the pump station circulates the hot fluid around the system. The hot fluid is then pumped into the solar cylinder tank, resulting in heated water.

Flat Plate Collector   Vaccum Tube Collector

Compact Pressurized Solar Water Heaters

58x1800mm evacuated heat pipe vacuum tubes

Compact pressurized solar water heaters are packaged systems where the tank is attached to the solar tube collectors that is installed on the roof. We at Green Dynamics have all the solutions you need in solar thermal heaters. Westech compact pressurized systems that are extremely effective, durable and of the highest quality.


•    Easy Installation “Plug & Play Design
•    Dry system for ease of maintenance
•    Highly efficient heat transfer
•    Temperature limitation safety feature
•    Each tube can work alone, system works even if one tube is broken

Compact Non- Pressurized Solar Water Heater System

58x1800mm all glass vaccum tubes

All Westech products are internationally certified around the world.