Solar Home Power

A system created to replace your generators and provide you with electricity during power shortages. It is an efficient, maintenance free and customized system to meet each households’ requirements. Choose between 3 pre-designed systems at Green Dynamics: 10 Amp, 15 Amp, 18 Amp or give us details to customize the design of your own system!

System Specifications
•     Each system consists of one Hybrid Off- Grid Inverter,
      Tubular Flooded deep cycle batteries 12V 200AH each, and Solar Panels 200W 24VDC each.
•     Compatible to utility or generator power.
•     True Sine Wave Output 220/1/50Hz.
•     This system’s battery back-up time is 6 hours.

2.4 KW
10 Amps
Capacity Hours @ 55% DOD
10 Amps 6 Hrs
7 Amps 8 Hrs
5 Amps 12 Hrs
3.2 KW
15 Amps
Capacity Hours @ 55% DOD
15 Amps 6 Hrs
10 Amps 9 Hrs
5 Amps 18 Hrs
4.0 KW
18 Amps
Capacity Hours @ 55% DOD
18 Amps 6 Hrs
12 Amps 9 Hrs
6 Amps 18 Hrs

System Advantages
•     This system will provide 24/7 electricity to your home.
•     This system will make you completely independent from generator membership or using your own generator.
•     The inverter is completely safe to have in a household.
•     Reliability: Fewer parts, and integrated weather –resistant connections for minimal maintenance.
•     This system uses the sun to generate electricity directly in the daytime (Solar Priority), and uses the power from
      the grid to recharge your batteries when there is no sun.
•     This system is maintenance free, batteries need low maintenance.
•     Warranty: Inverter, 1year – Solar Panels, 10 years product warranty & 25 years performance warranty
      – Batteries, 2 years.