Regreen Technologies

The Regreen Philosophy

Regreen Technologies strives to become a global leader in innovation, efficiency, and recycling by creating technological solutions and bringing them to the world market. These innovations encompass the ‘regreen philosophy’ and harbor the improvement of our world and the life of its inhabitants.

We are confident that our machines will resolve all your existing solid waste management problems with significant benefits:

Processes Food Waste and all Organics.
Continuously produces odor and bacteria free material.
De-waters and dries material, eliminating 65% of weight and 85% of volume.
Easily transforms to Pellets or Powder, Fertilizer, Animal Feed or Fuel.

What We Do?

Regreen Technologies has invented a miraculous machine that can turn all our waste into reusable material such as fertilizers, fuel, charcoal and even energy. It is the perfect solution to handle the huge amounts of waste we produce in the world. Green Dynamics is the representative of Regreen Technologies in Lebanon and the Middle East, for more information email us on

Multiple Machines in One Unit or Stand-Alone Applications

Shredder & Homogenizer
Garbage ShredderA compact version of our proprietary shredder is combined with a homogenizer in stage one of the food and green waste machine. Able to handle difficult items like bones and palm fronds, this unit is also available as a stand-alone.

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