About Us

Company Profile

Green Dynamics provides solutions to residential, commercial and Industrial sectors. If you are considering a solar or wind system for an existing home or business, or if you would like to incorporate it into new construction, Green Dynamics would be delighted to help you determine the best, most cost effective solutions for your project.

We design your system to be high performing, clean, safe, low maintenance and durable. We utilize top quality components from suppliers that have both a proven track record of performance, and a commitment to support what they sell so that your system will work properly and reliably for many years. Our products have proven quality assurance and are internationally certified CE, TUV, MCS, ETL and UL.

We believe Lebanon is the biggest market for renewable energy solutions since it suffers from severe power supply shortages, and uses extensive non-renewable energy with high carbon dioxide emissions due to human activity. Green Dynamics is your sustainable energy solutions provider!

Mission & Vision
Our mission is to be the leading renewable energy solutions provider in Lebanon using the most cost effective techniques. Our main aim is to keep our customers satisfied and to protect our planet at the same time.

Our vision is to help create a more sustainable future with no waste, and to create awareness about energy utilization.

Keys to Success
Our keys to success:
1.     We offer cost efficient solutions that benefit our customers & the environment as a whole.
2.     We ensure technically innovative solutions that improve energy consumption and minimize waste.
3.     Our products are internationally certified and of the highest quality.
4.     We only provide 100% customer satisfaction through flawless sales & after sales service.

Our Competitive Edge
•     High Performance: Advanced high-efficiency system that will provide decades of performance.
•     Highest Quality: Our products have proven quality assurance and are internationally certified by CE, TUV Rheinland, MCS, ETL, UL and ISO.
•     Energy Management: We monitor your energy consumption and customize a system that is flawless for each client.
•     Reliability: Fewer parts, and integrated weather –resistant connections for minimal maintenance.
•     Great Design: Sleek, unobtrusive design blends with your roof like a streamlined skylight.
•     Warranty: Company warranty and maintenance for 1 year on all our products.